Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Art Work in Senior Infants

Here are some pictures of our art work that we have done so far this year!

We made some lovely daffodils after having learned all about Spring in SESE. 

We made sock puppets using old clean (not smelly!) socks. We cut up fabric and used different materials to create the bodies. We had great fun playing with our puppets afterwards! 

We loved reading the story - Giraffe´s can´t dance! We learned all about a giraffe called Gerald who realised that sometimes when you´re different you just need a different song. We painted some lovely pictures of Gerald dancing. 

We learned all about materials in SESE and we decided to use this knoweldge to make some really cool outfits! 

Celebrating National Science Week

During National Science Week, we visited Imaginosity Museum in Sandyford. We had a fantastic time learning all about Isaac Newton. Afterwards, we had lots of time to discover and explore the science museum.

We also had a science day in school! We did lots of interesting experiments with our Teachers - we even made a tornado! 

Here we are making a rainbow,,,,

and our tornado.....

Aistear - At the Doctors.

Senior Infants were very excited about this month´s aistear theme. We learned all about visiting the doctor and the hospital. Ms. de Barra showed the children lots of different medical equipment and we learned lots of new words like stethoscope, injection, x-ray etc. In our role-play area, we took turns pretending to be the doctor, the nurse and the patients! Some of us were very sick at times, but luckily some of our friends were dressed as doctors and ready to help us! 

We worked as receptionists, doctors and patients.

 We also answered the phone in the doctors surgery and took lots of important messages. We also wrote some prescriptions:

Doodle 4 Google....

We had 3 semi-finalists for the Doodle 4 Google competition in Senior Infants! We were so proud to be finalists in this difficult competition. We worked hard with Ms. de Barra to learn all about Ireland and what it means to us. We learned how to draw lots of interesting things about Ireland; from Irish dancers to leprachauns to shamrocks.

Well done to Rayyan Ali, Hafsa Aden and Juwayriyah Ghazanfar who got a lovely certificate from Google for all their hard work! 

Our 100th day of school!!

On Monday, the 8th of February we celebrated our 100th day of school! The boys and girls from both Junior and Senior Infants did lots of exciting activities to celebrate this special day. Congratulations to Yasmin Mohamed from Junior Infants who is the only student with a 100 days attendance record!

 Here you can see some pictures.

We built a castle with 100 plastic cups!

With paint we made 100 fingerprints.

This is what 100 Smarties, 100 Cheerios, 100 pieces of pasta and 100 buttons look like!