Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our Shoe-box Habitat Projects!

Senior Infants have been busy during the month of March learning all about habitats. To enhance our learning, Ms. De Barra gave us an inquiry based learning project - to make a shoe box habitat of our choice by using lots of different materials! The projects were fantastic, we learned a lot of interesting facts from each other. Juwayriyah told us about how giraffes can have a blue or black tongue and how they sleep standing up! Yusoef told us that WWF were protecting polar bears since 1973 because of
melting ice and Samira told us all about krill. Here are our wonderful projects below: 

Yusoef's Project: 


Huda's Project
Ibraheem's Project

Hafsa's Project
Aisha's Project

Juwayriyah's Project
Samira's Project

Izaan's Project
Kenza's Project
Nahid's Project
Rayyan's Project

Sireen's Project

Inquiry Based Learning!!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Celebrating Proclamation Day & Seachtain Na Gaeilge

Last Tuesday, the 15th of March, senior infants joined all the other boys and girls from all over the country to celebrate Proclamation day! It was a fantastic historical day and we learned so much about our heritage and about our past. We also took the opportunity to celebrate being Irish - and what better way to it than with many Seachtain Na Gaeilge Activities. 
Here´s what we got up too....

We wrote poems and made Irish hats!
We made Irish flags to wave at the ceremony!

We wrote our own proclamation for the next 100 years!

 Ms. de Barra and Ms. Doran taught the Infants some really good poems about leprechauns and shamrocks. We decorated them after writing them in our best handwriting. 

 Raising the flag....
At 12pm, we all gathered outside to raise the Irish Flag to mark the special historical date. We sang Amhrán na Bhfiann and we waved our flags really high as Ms. De Barra raised the flag. We remembered all those who fought in the 1916 rising for our independence and we made promises in our new proclamation for the next 100 years. We are very proud of our flag

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

All about Habitats!!

This month in Senior Infants, we are learning all about habitats and the different types of animals and plants that we can find in their natural environments. Our theme is cross- curricular so our learning has been fantastic, here is what we have been up too...

We really enjoyed reading these stories about animals during English time!


We have a small world area on our Aistear on our play rota this month. We have lots of different types of habitats and animals that we can interact and play with. 

  Literacy Corner...

Finding information from books and making
a fact file!

Our reading corner, where we learn all about habitats! 

 Other activities in our habitat aistear theme:

Making playdough animals!

 We have been learning our numbers in maths, so now we can put the spots and stripes on our animals using playdough!

We are having fun making our habitat jigsaw too! 

Habitats in SESE

We are learning quite a lot about animals and their habitats in our science lessons! We learned 3 new words this week: Herbivore, Omnivore and Carnivore! We know how to classify animals now.

Habitats in Art

We made 3D habitats using paper plates!