Friday, 22 April 2016

Maths in Senior Infants!

This month, Senior Infants have been learning all about 'Capacity' during Maths lessons. It integrated really well with our Aistear theme and the children really enjoyed estimating and measuring the capacity of various containers!

Here are the children measuring and estimating:

Thinking about our estimates! 

Using our knowledge learnt to problem solve

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Under the Sea

This month in Senior Infants our Aistear theme was 'Under the Sea'. The children absolutely loved it and they had such a fantastic time learning all about the ocean and sea animals that they didn't even know they were working! The theme was very cross - curricular with learning happening in Math's (Capacity), Science (Floating and Sinking) Literacy (Writing and Reading), Geography (Water on the Earth) Art (Rainbow Fish) and Drama (A visit to the Aquarium).
Here are some of the activities I did with the children:

Socio-dramatic Area:

In our Aistear corner, I created a role play area where the children could dive under the sea and explore the ocean.  I used an old shower curtain and glued lots of sea animals onto it to set the scene for the children. The children really enjoyed using the goggles, scuba diving equipment and diving suits to play under the sea! 


The children engaged in many stories about Under the Sea. One book that they loved was, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. After reading the story, the children received a letter from the Rainbow Fish asking for help. The children designed new scales for the Rainbow Fish and replied to his letter. Here are some examples of our work below:
(Twinkl Resource)

 The children also played a literacy fishing game which involved children fishing for letters to make words related to the sea:  

Maths play time, Roll Add and Colour!
Other Playtime activities:

Cutting and Sticking to make Sea Animals
Using Playdough to make under the sea scenes

Doodling Sea creatures! 

Designing our own sea creatures! 

Art Activities:

The children made fantastic fish using old CD's and gems!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Gaeilge sa seomra ranga!

Learning Irish in Senior Infants with Séan agus Síofra sa seomra ranga.....

Hansel agus Gretel

This month in Senior Infants, we have been learning the story ' Hansel agus Gretel'. It was challenging for us because there were lots of focail nua that we had to learn! We learned how to say lots of new phrases, like 'Tar Isteach!' and 'Lig Amach mé!' 
Múinteoir put us in groups - grupaí beaga and we were able to do a little drama - dramaíocht beag using all of our new words! It was so much fun!

Our Gaeilge Board with our story and our flashcards of new words!!
Éist agus Dathaigh - Sequencing the pictures 

Our Irish is improving a lot because of  Sean agus Siofra. We learn so many new words through fun interactive ways. Múinteoir has set a challenge for us - trying to make us use our Irish in our daily conversations with her and with the other children. We can ask to use the bathroom in Irish, we know how to describe what´s in our lunch boxes and we have just finished learning all our colours! 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Arabic in Senior Infants!

Working on our handwriting in Senior Infants!

Every month our Arabic Teacher, chooses the boy or girl in Senior Infants who has the best handwriting. This month it was Ibraheem, well done Ibraheem!! 

She also chooses the best Qu'ran Reader and this month that award went to Izaan. He worked really hard pointing to all the words during lesson time. Keep up the good work Izaan!!

Other News:

In February, we completed the full Nuraniah book with excellent results. It was an amazing achievement for our class because usually children who are the same age as us, only reach lesson 6. We, on the other hand, completed 17 lessons - while also understanding the Tajweed Rules amd reading confidently. Well done everyone.