Monday, 23 May 2016

Senior Infants in Space!!

Blasting off into space...

This month in Senior Infants the Aistear theme was Space! We have been having so much fun exploring the solar system, the life of Neil Armstrong, visiting the moon in our class spaceship and doing many more exciting projects. Take a look at what we´ve been up to....



We had great fun in our space station. We made intergalactic passports and had a mission control to make it to the moon! We boarded the spaceship and blasted off into space! 

Using our imaginations:

We focused on our creative writing in English this month with Ms. de Barra. We talked about what we would bring to space if we went there, we learned a poem about a rocket and we even made some stories! We learned so many facts in the non-fiction books that we were able to make some really good sentences. 


Creative Corner:   

We cut and paste space images to create space pictures. We also did some fantastic colouring!

Playdough Mats:

Here are some of our fantastic space play dough mats:

Space History:

Ms. de Barra taught us all about the life of Neill Armstrong. She showed us a video of when he first landed on the moon!! She also read us a story about his life. Here is what we learned...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Learning how to write in Arabic!

April was a busy month in Arabic! Children had lots of fun practicing writing their names in Arabic and drawing their favourite pictures!

Here are some examples below: