Thursday, 30 March 2017

February and March in Senior Infants!

Spring has arrived! 

We painted some lovely Van Gogh Flowers to celebrate the beginnings of Spring!!


In English and Science we were learning all about the dentist. We did some fantastic instructional writing with Ms. de Barra called: How to brush your teeth. Now we are experts at brushing our teeth and have the best teeth in the whole school! :) 

Zain's writing is fantastic! He was the STAR WRITER of the month! 

Celebrating World Book Day:
We celebrated World Book Day and dressed up as our favourite characters from different books! 
We illustrated book covers and took part in a book quiz. Here our Senior Infants in their costumes!!


We had lots of fun learning all about the Dentist in Senior Infants this month! We had a play corner in which we learned all about visiting the dentist. We learned about the importance of brushing your teeth and eating healthy food! We kept a brushing chart diary and learned how to brush our teeth correctly. Here are some of our activities below:



In Science we learned all about Materials!! We had great fun experimenting with different types of materials and learning about which ones were waterproof or not! Our favourite experiment was making a cape for Little Red Riding Hood... We tested lots of different materials to see which one was the best. Have a look:
Testing Tissue Paper....

Making  a Cape.... 

Testing Paper....

Islamic Studies:

We are so happy to have a new teacher for Islamic Studies. Teacher Saadia taught us lots of new things this month... We learnt about the Allah Swt's names and attributes. 
We also learned about the importance of prayer in congreation Ibadaat (Salah, Zakat and Ramadan.)